Community Seven Television attends NAB, Moves Forward to Update the Station’s Video Server and new State-of-the-Art NAS Storage System.

Technology in the television industry is changing faster than ever before.  Every year, Las Vegas is host to the National Association of Broadcaster’s NAB Show to showcase the newest innovations by technology companies from all over the globe.  NAB boasts it is the third largest convention held each year in the Las Vegas Convention Center with over 103,000 attendees this year alone.  In April, Community Seven Television’s General Manager, Tim Harrington was on the show floor looking for ways to improve the station’s operations and to keep up to date on where the industry is headed.

Trying to make sense of all the video formats that are available today is a daunting task and a very important piece of delivering content that is provided to the station by numerous producers in various formats.
“Our operation differs from a news station because most of our content is provided by local producers who don’t have access to high end broadcast editing equipment, so getting their programs to air can be quite challenging at times. It’s also labor intensive and time consuming for Community Seven’s small staff, eating up time that could be used for supporting more programs and producers,” says Harrington.  “After test driving various video servers and automation systems over the past year, we just couldn’t find the perfect fit for our operation so we went back to the drawing board.”
With his sights set on finding something different that would give the station an improved work flow with the flexibility it needed, Harrington was focused on discovering a better solution.  “NAB is the perfect place to have every vendor in the television industry under one roof so I can make a first hand comparison to what each company has to offer,” said Tim.  And this year didn’t disappoint, after careful consideration, Community Seven is moving forward with a new video server platform from a company based in Vienna, Austria called Tools on Air.  The station’s new on air server and automation system will include a NAS storage system designed to increase productivity and decrease the burden on staff spending countless hours on file transferring.  Community Seven will make the conversion during May and will be fully operational on the new system sometime in June of this year.

For more information, you can visit Community Seven’s website at:


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