Billings’ Community7 Television part of Award-winning History Series

Billings’ Community7 Television is proud to have participated in the production of the Montana history documentary series In the Crucible of Change.  Several of the 43 one-hour episodes were shot in Community7 Television’s studio in Billings.  The series has been telecast over the last year on Community 7 in Billings, MCAT in Missoula, Helena Civic Television, and statewide across Montana on TVMT public affairs network, which includes Charter and other cable channels in over 60 communities and Montana PBS over-the-air digital broadcast channels in the state’s urban areas.


In the Crucible of Change is a remarkable achievement, focusing on the dramatic period of progressive change in the state between 1965 and 1980.  The Board of Trustees of the Montana Historical Society (MHS) has honored series Executive Producer, writer and host Evan Barrett of Highlands College and Montana Tech with its highest recognition, the Montana Heritage Guardian award, for his outstanding contribution to Montana history and heritage.  The award will be presented at the 43rd Annual MHS Montana History Conference Sept. 22 through 24 in Hamilton.


The Crucible project was supported by Montana Tech and Highlands College, and received grants from Humanities Montana, the Montana History Foundation, the Greater Montana Foundation and the Lee & Donna Metcalf Charitable Trust.  Evan Barrett’s personal political and governmental experience during the period gave him unique access to key historical participants and armed him with the questions that needed to be asked.  In the Crucible of Change features in-depth discussions with more than 75 of the period’s history makers, including former members of the 1972 Constitutional Convention, office-holders, politicians, reporters and judges.  Those from Billings participating in the series included former Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction Dolores Colburg, long time State Representative Harrison Fagg, former State representative and State Senator Tom Towe, and former Speaker of the House James Lucas, who moved to Billings from Miles City before participating in the series.


In addition to being able to view the series on the Cable channels mentioned, the series can be streamed to computers and devices from